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Constructed By Craftsmen

Constructed by Craftsmen

Examples of timber conservatory construction

Richmond Oak choose to have our Oak Conservatories manufactured by Master Craftsmen in two family run joineries in Poland.

As a result, we benefit by having our bespoke conservatories constructed by craftsmen exactly to our specifications, the main benefits being:

1) Fully engineered glu-lam process from solid oak seasoned boards, to ensure we have more stable frames, minimising movement and allowing much longer and stronger rafters.

2) Internal glazing beads, which are more secure, as being inside, they ensure the glass can’t be removed from the outside. Plus the added benefit that the sun doesn’t get at the glazing bead, which being of small section, is very prone to distortion when fitted outside.

3) Being hand-made, far more flexibility in designing details and having them made to suit each individual project, not usually possible in more computerised production facilities, except at much greater expense.

4) Labour Rates in Poland are still considerably lower than in the UK.

5) Poland grows its own Oak in managed forests and therefore it is not subject to import costs. All seasoned timber used in conservatory manufacture in the UK is imported, including oak, as English grown oak is not suitable for constructing frames and rafters, which require straight grain. As a result, the costs of manufacturing an oak conservatory in the UK would be 25-30% more than in Poland, even taking into account transportation costs.

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